Rakehell #1 Cover Reveal!

Rakehell #1 print cover. Art by Elena Nedeleva.

Rakehell is extremely pleased to reveal the cover to our first issue! Our cover art, by the incredible Elena Nedeleva, depicts the mysterious Amy Blood from “The Mortuary Sword” by H.R. Laurence.

And with a nervous glance between them the two lads advanced into the road, Amy waiting impatient astride her horse. Aidee caught a better glimpse of her as the beast shifted: she was unmistakably a sister to the boys, perhaps a year or so their elder, though where their faces were strained with worry hers had a determined slant—and, Aidee thought, a rather wicked prettiness.

Jack stood over the body in the road and brought up the sword in both hands, its point angled down as though he were some savage druid making sacrifice…

from “The Mortuary Sword”

Rakehell #1 debuts July 1st. Look for ebook preorders soon!

Want more? Check out the complete story lineup, and scroll down to see the ebook cover.

“The Mortuary Sword” by H.R. Laurence

Captain James Aidee, gentleman of the road, has seen many dark things in his life of banditry… but nothing prepared him to meet Amelia Blood and her strange family.

“The Trans-Pacific Railway” by Mar Vincent

Thomasina is no stranger to mystery—but when an airship full of Frenchmen captures her train, she must leave academics behind and become a lady of action!

“Fool’s Errand in Amberford” by Lawrence Harding

Between her rapier and her magic, Finestra Dunbarton doesn’t usually worry about ghouls. If only her new employer wouldn’t walk toward every one he sees…

“The Daisy” by T.K. Howell

Before he was an admiral, Francis Drake was a scared, seasick teenager on a leaky merchant ship. Will the terror of mutiny break him, or set him on the path to knighthood?

“When Your Only Tool’s a Hammer” by J.B. Toner

Cundar of Raelor is used to winning battles—in fact, it’s become a bit boring. What happens when a barbarian decides to end the war, not just fight it?

“The Temple of the Ghost Tiger” by Dariel R.A. Quiogue

Khalid of Barisa is strong, handsome, and foolish. Fortunately he has loyal Wali to advise him—unfortunately, Wali is a monkey!

Rakehell #1 ebook cover. Art by Elena Nedeleva.

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