Rakehell: a modern magazine of swashbuckling adventure!

Rakehell hearkens back to the classic adventure heroes of yesteryear, like Robin Hood, the Three Musketeers, and Horatio Hornblower. We love today’s fictional rogues; Locke Lamora, Inigo Montoya, and Indiana Jones would all fit in here.

We also recognize that many beloved adventure stories were written in a time of terrible attitudes about race, gender, religion, and more. To thrive, adventure fiction must welcome authors and characters from the full range of human experience.

Most of all, Rakehell is fun! We’re a pulse-pounding, sword-slashing, chandelier-swinging magazine of thrilling action and derring-do. So grab your rapier, put a knife between your teeth, and join us in the days of high adventure!


Editor in Chief: Nathaniel “Nat20” Webb